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Recent Theatre Credits:

Wonderland Wars                               Two of Clubs/Cheshire    New Musicals Inc. - Scott Guy, Dir.

The Producers                                    Hold Me Touch Me          San Diego Musical Theatre - Jamie Torcellini, Dir.

Damn Yankees                                    Sister                                Cabrillo Music Theatre - Kirsten Chandler, Dir.

Bye Bye Birdie (w/Jim J. Bullock)      Mrs. Doris MacAfee         Cabrillo Music Theatre – Lewis Wilkenfeld, Dir.

The Producers                                    Hold Me Touch Me           Norris Theatre – Matthew Vargo, Dir.

Gift Of The Magi The Musical           Maddie – Orig. Cast         Hillcrest Center for the Arts – Barry Pearl, Dir.

The Diary                                            Mrs. VanPels                    Thousand Oaks Rep – L. Cooper, Score/Libretto

Annie (w/Sally Struthers)                  Standby for Hannigan     Cabrillo MT – Lewis Wilkenfeld, Dir.

The Sound Of Music                           Sister Margaretta             Cabrillo MT – Lewis Wilkenfeld, Dir.

The Producers                                    Hold Me Touch Me           Cabrillo MT – Steven Glaudini, Dir. (Kostroff, Raben & Engel)

42nd Street                                         Maggie Jones                    Cabrillo MT – Jon Engstrom, Dir.

Cabrillo 2010 Holiday Spectacular    Vocal Quartet                     Cabrillo MT – Cheryl Baxter, Dir. (w/Shirley Jones)

Funny Thing Happened...Forum      Domina                              Norris Theatre – J. Gruessing, Dir. (w/Barry Pearl)

Guys & Dolls                                       General Cartwright          Cabrillo MT – Nick DeGruccio, Dir. (w/Barry Pearl)

Singin' In The Rain                            Miss Dinsmore                 Cabrillo MT – Larry Raben, Dir. (w/David Engel)

Moby Dick The Musical                     Tory - Orig. US Cast         UMASS Dartmouth, Cameron Mackintosh, Producer

Titanic The Musical                           Eleanor Widener               Norris Theatre – Michael Betts, Dir.

Figaro                                                 Marceline                          Panic Productions - J. Bailey Burcham, Dir.

Voice Over:

Dora The Explorer Live!                    Tico (Spanish)                  Daniel Thomas, V/O Director, Norris Theatre

High Street Broadcast                       Lead                                   Ryan Neely, Producer

3D Joe Games                                     Various Voices                  3D Joe Corp

100 Children's Books                         Narrator                            Eigoban Inc, Yukio Lunday, Producer

QQzOO Audio Books                           Narrator                            Redbar Studios, Tokyo, Japan

Tibby - Animated Pilot                      Lead                                  Kelly Andrews, Producer


I'll Do Anything                                 Tap Dance Corps              James L. Brooks, Dir. - Sony Pictures

Willy Nilly                                          Lead                                  Michael Nankin, Dir./Prod.

Count On Me                                      Featured                           Paul Miller, Dir. - PBS

You Money Man Infomercial            Featured                           Will Henry, Dir. - Learn by DVD

Commercials Listed Upon Request